Male~Female Integration


Male-Female IntegrationThe first benefit of activating your Divine Human anatomy is that it integrates male and female energy at all levels of your being.  Why is this important?  There is only one energy in all of creation, and that is love.  Yet, there are two flavors of love energy, male and female.


At the level of Source, we call the feminine aspect of Source, the Goddess.  She expresses as the great void of unmanifest reality.  If you look into the void, it appears to be empty or void of form.  And at the same time it is full of the unlimited potential of everything. 


God the Father expresses himself as consciousness, as thought, as order.  So whenever God the Father shines the light of his consciousness into the Goddess, into the void, creation happens.


At every level of our being, this differentiation of male and female energy is expressed.  When we first emerged as a Divine Spark, we split into two expressions, male and female, which we refer to as twin rays.  In each dimension of reality that we exists in, we have both and male and female counterparts.  And just before we incarnated into a human body, we split again into male and female aspects that we call Twin Flames.  If we want to consciously create in a world of form, we need to have balanced, integrated expressions of male and female working in sacred union within us.


Yet, this is rarely the case.  As humans experience the slings and arrows of life, their inner males and/or females become wounded, and their development arrested.  These male/female splits are interpreted by the ego as abandonment and betrayal of Spirit and Source.  Since the original emergence from Source, as an individualized Divine Spark, Self has been reenacting the Illusion of Separation in all of its relationships.


For a Divine Human, their inner male and female aspects have released the illusions of separation, resting to a deep space of trust and allowance.  The advantage?   Freedom — freedom to create healthy, balanced relationships in the physical world that reflects the healthy balanced state within.  Imagine being able to fully open your heart to love, with implicit trust and allowance.  Imagine how attractive your undefended heart will be.


The inner male and inner female of a Divine Human are completely healed, whole, balanced and harmoniously playing in Sacred Union within.  And conscious creation becomes quick and easy.  No more spinning your wheels, working hard, long hours to get what you need in life.  You will have more time to nurture your body, your heart and your spirit.  More time to restore balance and harmony to your life.  More time to find and express your passion for life.

2 Responses to Male~Female Integration

  • paula says:

    I went through a transformation that rocked my world from male to female. I always thought that the need to transition was a overpowering force. It overpowered my mind body and soul. No matter what logic said, the transformation had to be completed if I were to move on to the next level. Am I a nut case or is there something to this transformation?

  • Suzanna says:

    The key is balance! No matter what gender our body is, we all have a male and female aspect which should be working together in harmony within us. Since we all grew up in a patriarchal society, we have all been programmed for imbalance; with male dominating female. In order to raise and expand our consciousness, we all need to heal and balance these internal aspects, which enables the right and left hemispheres of the brain to work together for whole brain functioning. That is why I have made it the first step in my program.

    This healing and balancing can happen gracefully at the level of consciousness with consciousness technology such as the Divine Human Upgrades. When such technology is not available, the body, mind, soul will seek out whatever means it can to bring about the needed balance.

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